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Towing Services - Wheel Lift Towing

Most people think of towing services when they think of wheel lifts. This type of towing involves lifting the damaged vehicle’s wheels by hooking them to a tow truck. When the vehicle needs to be taken a short distance to a repair shop or home, this type of towing is ideal.

To tow the lightweight vehicle with the wheel lift tow truck, follow these steps:

The arrival of the tow truck

The truck driver should be able to introduce himself and show identification when the tow truck arrives at the scene. By doing so, you are ensuring that you contacted the tow truck personnel. Once the towing professionals arrive, they will inspect the scene to determine their next step. In this way, they will prevent further damage to the vehicle.

Professionals inform clients about what they will be doing

Having good communication with tow truck professionals is always a good idea. Isn’t it great if your mechanic told you what he was going to do to your car before he did it? Towing professionals should inform clients of what they are going to do so that they will not react violently or strongly disagree with their actions.

Positioning the truck

Since towing professionals may not have assessed the location completely when they arrive at the scene, the truck may not be parked in the correct position. With a look at the scene and a conversation with the client, the truck can now be positioned correctly and aligned to the vehicle. To do this, they may need to block the road, but they should have permission to do so.

Stabilize the vehicles

For vehicles that are being towed as well as the two trucks, wheel chocks should be used. When securing the car to the tow truck, wheel chocks prevent the truck from moving


After everything is stabilized, you can adjust the wheel-lift to prepare it for the car to be towed. It should be parallel to the ground by about an inch. Continue extending the wheel lift until it touches the front tires.

Securing the vehicle

A primary strap or chain must be installed on each side of the car wheel to lock and secure it. If you are towing a car, make sure they are properly positioned so they do not get dislodged. Once done, lift the vehicle to the recommended height. Adjust the clearance accordingly. Adjust the overhang, as well. The point of the lift should be as close to the axle center as possible. Just make sure that the truck and car won’t bump into each other even if the distance is minimized. With the correct depth calculated, the tow truck will not contact the back of the towed vehicle.

Prepare to go

Once the car is secured on the wheel lift, it is important to ensure that the transmission is neutral. You should also release the parking brake and straighten the steering wheel.

It is also necessary to install tow lights and test them to ensure they work properly. Once again, the rigging should be checked. Then, the chocks on the wheels of the tow truck and the car should be removed. Once everything is in order, the car can now be towed.

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