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It is also common for motorcycles to break down. Like cars, they have engines and wheels; therefore, they are at the mercy of a tow, just like cars. It’s possible for a motorcycle to lose its battery, for a tire to flatten, or for an accident to damage it. For this reason, it’s important to have a motorcycle towing company at the ready in case of an accident.

Are motorcycles easier or more difficult to tow than cars?

To be honest, neither one is particularly challenging. Fortunately, tow trucks are now so powerful, sturdy, and intelligent that every tow should get done without damaging or further damaging a vehicle. However, both motorcycles and cars can be challenging.

The size of cars makes them cumbersome to tow if parked in tight areas. When you have been involved in a major accident, it’s harder to do damage control on the car. In these cases, a flatbed tow truck is typically required. Instead of hooking at the bumper or hitch, a flatbed allows the car to be pushed onto the bed.

In contrast, motorcycles are small but flexible. Motorcyclists stand on two wheels, which means they aren’t able to balance like they do when towing cars. In motorcycle towing, the key is keeping the motorcycle upright and secured. It is possible to sustain minor damage from just falling, and it is possible to sustain more severe damage from falling with existing damage.

How Can Motorcycles be Towed?

Traditionally, flatbed tow trucks are used for towing cars or trucks, but, of course, any vehicle that can fit a car can tow a motorcycle. There are several ways to secure a motorcycle to the spacious rectangular area.

A tow strap is one option. When a flatbed tow truck is involved, these simply hook onto the arms or specific slots of the truck. Just be sure not to put stress or pressure on any parts of the motorcycle.

Alternatively, you can use a cradle or motorcycle rail. The cradle holds either the front or the back tire (usually the front); thus, keeping the entire bike in place. To secure both wheels, a rail creates a straight-line bar. Despite their similar appearance and function to bicycle locks, motorcycle versions tend to be stronger.

Get Your Ride Towed Safely

If you have a problem with your motorcycle in Tarzana, CA, just contact ASAP Tarzana Towing! Despite the frustration of a breakdown, we will arrive at your location in good time and will stay on the phone with you as long as needed to calm you down.

As we’ve towed so many motorcycles over the years, we’ll take care of yours without a hitch. It won’t take us long to get your motorcycle to a repair facility so you can get it back on the road!

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