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Heavy Duty Towing

Most companies can tow a Ford or Toyota, but very few can tow a bus. They are the ones who are most trustworthy if they train their staff and purchase the necessary equipment to handle the latter task. It is understandable that if a truck of any kind breaks down, one needs to call a company that can tow it.

Choose the Right Towing Company

All towing companies should aim to tow a broken-down vehicle without causing any further damage. This applies to any vehicle on wheels. As a result, it is imperative that you select a towing company that has experience towing non-traditional vehicles.

There are times when the heavy truck being towed isn’t even the owner of the one who requested the tow. You will, if you are responsible for towing it rather than the commercial company, surely need the help of a towing company that knows what it’s doing. If not, you may be held responsible for additional damage. By choosing the right heavy truck towing company that will do a perfect job for you, all headaches will be avoided.

Most heavy-duty vehicles are employed to perform long-distance transportation, construction, or commercial work during the day or night. In the shortest time possible, our towing team will dispatch itself to help you. In the case of an emergency, you will not feel overcharged because we offer inexpensive services at competitive prices.

Some of the heavy-duty towing vehicles include:


Because motorhomes are large and heavy, a regular or light-duty towing truck may not be able to handle the task. Before you call for help, you may want to do some research to ensure you hire a towing company that will be able to handle the weight of your motorhome. Your motorhome will need to be transported by heavy-duty truck to desired locations. There is a possibility that a passenger vehicle towing engine cannot handle the towing. The motorhomes are towed by professionals using heavy-duty wheel lifts and frame axles, which will ensure the towed vehicle is secured and will not be damaged during transport.

Semi tractor-trailers

Heavy towing requires technical skills. With the right tow trucks, you can move almost any broken-down vehicle, including semi-tractors and single axle trailers, to the designated location. The type of tow vehicle will influence the type of hook-up equipment used by the companies. In general, tow truck crews are well experienced and trained to tow semis. Towing these vehicles without the knowledge and experience may prove dangerous, and damage to them may result. Ensure you engage the services of a reputable and well-established company that truly understands how to manage and handle semis.


Towing a bus can present several challenges due to its shape and length. Large buses require special equipment for towing. They can tow these large vehicles safely and efficiently with heavy-duty tow trucks. Some companies provide their tow trucks with specialized equipment for preventing skidding or ground effects when transporting vehicles long distances. Tow trucks with extended wheel lifts can secure the vehicle firmly and tightly onto the axles, allowing it to be safely towed to the designated location.

Heavy Duty Towing by ASAP Towing Tarzana