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Flatbed Tow Truck - flatbed towing

The role of a tow truck may seem quite basic at first glance: moving motor vehicles that are immobile, damaged or disposed of in some other way from a pickup point to a destination. You probably want it moved with no damage, though, as a customer. As a result, things are a bit more complicated – and something you don’t want to entrust to an amateur towing company. With only a truck and hook, anyone can tow a car. To ensure a safe and damage-free trip, it is imperative to have the right equipment, such as a flatbed tow truck. While there are many types of tow trucks you can choose from – each with its advantages – a flatbed truck is particularly useful for everyday customers as it offers the best chance to avoid inadvertent dents.

Perfect for Towing Various Vehicles

A flatbed tow truck gets its name from its bed’s appearance, which makes it a safe and secure route. A flatbed is an efficient way to recover vehicles from accidents and transport them when necessary. When multiple vehicles break down at the same time or multiple accidents result in multiple vehicles being towed simultaneously owing to the long truck beds, it is possible to tow multiple vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively at the same time.

A flatbed truck’s ability to lift a vehicle completely off the ground onto its bed makes them perfect for situations when other towing methods are not an option due to the current condition of the vehicle, or the vehicle’s model and delicate nature. Most of these tow trucks are used to transport classic, exotic, or all-wheel-drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles, vehicles with very low ground clearance, and auto-accident vehicles that are significantly damaged.

There are several important benefits to using a flatbed tow truck:

It prevents further damage to the vehicle

To prevent wear and tear on the towed vehicle, flatbed towing ensures all of the wheels are positioned on the tow truck’s flat platform. Therefore, flatbed tow trucks guarantee that no damage is done to the tires or other parts of the vehicle when it is towed or it is towed by a flatbed.

It ensures road safety

Towing vehicles with flatbed trucks has the reputation of being an extremely safe method since it ensures the safety of both the vehicle being transported as well as other road users. The risk to passing cars and pedestrians is significantly reduced whenever a towed vehicle is attached firmly to a flatbed rather than swinging behind a truck.

Sometimes it is the only way

There are some cases where flatbed tow trucks are the only option. An example would be if the vehicle has a broken axle.

Towing flatbed vehicles saves time

Loading a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck is relatively simple with flatbed towing. For transport, the vehicle only needs to be driven onto the flatbed and strapped on. Winches are used to lift a badly damaged vehicle onto a flatbed. The process is simple and saves a lot of time.

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