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Cheap Towing Vs Professional Towing

What would you rather have, cheap towing or professional towing?

Of course, you would want both – professional service with cheap rates – and it’s possible to get both, but first let’s look at the two separately.

Professional towing is reliable, careful, and quick. Cheap towing is…cheap.

Professional towing provides you with a well-maintained and modern tow truck equipped for any emergency, including towing, winching, fuel delivery and tire inflation. Cheap towing provides you with a tow truck that has four wheels and credit card machine.

Professional towing sends out highly-trained and seasoned towing technicians who are experienced in towing every type of vehicle, from motorcycles and Smart cars to trucks, SUVs and big rigs. Cheap towing send out a driver who may or may not know how to tow your car properly and who may or may not possess a valid drivers license.

You Get What You Pay For – If You’re Lucky

The best thing about professional towing is that you pay EXACTLY the amount you were quoted with no surprises at the end. Unfortunately, with cheap towing companies, you sometimes get nothing but surprises – added surcharges for equipment they probably don’t need to use, extra fees or taxes that you weren’t advised about, and (brace yourself) mystery recurring charges on your credit card statement that can go unnoticed for years.

When you request service from a professional towing company, you can expect professional and courteous tow truck drivers who know what they’re doing because they’ve likely towed dozens of cars exactly like yours, and they are familiar with all the different makes and models of cars and trucks on the road today.

On the other hand, a cheap towing company might send out an inexperienced driver who not only has never towed a car like yours but maybe has never towed ANY vehicle before. When your tow truck driver looks at your car, scratches his head and proceeds to watch YouTube videos on his phone that explain how to tow your make and model, you probably called cheap towing.

Cheap Towing Can End Up Costing Much More Than Professional Towing

Be very careful when it comes to cheap towing because some bargains are not bargains at all. If the cheap towing truck driver damages your vehicle while towing it, it will cost you a fortune to repair. Forget about suing a cheap towing company for your damages because their corporate office might be a kitchen table somewhere in Pacoima. We’re not just talking about damages you can see, like a scratched wheel well or a bumper ripped clean off the body of the car, but hidden damages incurred when an inexperienced tow truck driver drags your vehicle onto the tow truck without proper dollies or skates.

Instead, trust your car to a professional towing and roadside company that’s been in business for many decades, like ASAP Towing Tarzana has helped more stranded motorists and stalled vehicles than anyone else.

Call ASAP Towing Tarzana for Professional Towing Services at Cheap Prices

Don’t risk the perils of cheap towing. Why take the chance that after your car is towed by a bargain basement company you’ll be missing your garage door remote, the spare change in your ashtray, or your VIN number dashboard plate?

How can you tell if a towing service is professional? You may not be able to tell from online reviews and ratings, so trust your instincts. Do they sound courteous and helpful on the phone? Are they genuinely interested in solving your roadside problem?

Here at ASAP Towing Tarzana, we take your problem very seriously, and we “baby” your car as much as you do, if not more. Whether you need flatbed towing, regular towing, a tire change, jump start or gas delivery, or even towing of 18-wheelers or unusual motorhomes, don’t hesitate to call us first.

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